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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MN HD35A - strib endorsed Whelan.

Readers who will be voting are strongly urged to independently judge for themselves between the pair, Perovich and Whelan. This is made easy; per having this forum video online; see also, earlier Crabgrass post.

This link

Wes V. submitted a now-published comment, a Whelan supporter commented; and for quicker access than via a link within the comments, here is the link to Wes' post at his website

The post there is headlined, "Wednesday, October 29, 2014 -- In 35A, the StarTrib Endorses Whelan - Here's My Response on Why Peter Perovich Should be Elected Next Tuesday."

For disclosure, Wes is a local DFL party official. As an acquaintance of Perovich and one not knowing Whelan, I agree with much of Wes' analysis. If some pro-Whelan person wishes to submit thoughtful argument favoring Whelan, it would be welcome commentary. If any reader has thoughts on the "millenial" divide, sharing that would be interesting as commentary.


Anonymous said...

I watched..Perovich comes across as a middle of the road mushy liberal. Completely worthless. Whelan is bright and exciting and a pro America conservative..and she has been to my door twice.

Wes Volkenant said...

Eric - I posted a comment to the Star Tribune editorial, which I have captured in a new post at my own blog page. I've written my support for Peter Perovich,

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - So write her a contribution check. Catch on. That's one of two reasons she's been at your door. One more time at your door and it is a strikeout.

Help me: What is the meaning of


Whelan uses it, so tell me who took what from whom, and how is she saying it should be a "takeback" of what, from whom, to whom? It sounds generationally divisive to me. Intentionally so.

eric zaetsch said...

Wes - Endorsing Whelan means what?

Emmer for CD6, and an Eric Lucero endorsement, those two in the works at strib?

I expect the new team at strib will pass on Lucero, there are limits after all - but expect them to go Team Emmer for a Bachmann redux recommendation.

Wes Volkenant said...

Eric - not sure if 33 fits the StarTrib's criteria - they were going to endorse on 12 Metro area open seats - depends if they extend Metro to cover Wright & Sherburne Counties.

Getting late for a 6th District editorial endorsement, but while I'd welcome a call for Joe Perske, as the St. Cloud paper did, I'm not sure how much weight they'll have in the parts of the district west of Highways 101 and 169.

To Anon - visiting you twice when you're already a committed vote on her behalf is quite a luxury and indulgence on her part. Frankly, I think it's a waste of her valuable time. But, if you are living at your parents' home, so you can afford to barely work part-time as Abigail does, then gee, I guess you can go out door-knocking all over once, even twice. Peter's been working all this time - he has a family to support too - so, he's been lucky to get what time he can visiting homes in the district, and get help from volunteers like me, too. We've got a lot of former Abeler-voting DFLers who are voting for Perovich this time out - glad they're finding the man who's already established himself in the community when they compare the candidates.

eric zaetsch said...

What I see is that Perovich offers voters a more independent candidate. A moderate DFLer raising a family, he is fiscally sound, and would work hard to see the district is well served in state funding.

Whelan has already by interning and running for the Abeler seat forged ties with a bloc of Republicans - Abeler, Jungbauer and John Pederson being examples.

She has less independence than otherwise, for having created those ties.

Beyond that, Whelan needs a real day job for a while, for seasoning.

The notion you give up professional student status one day,to jump into a legislative seat the next, is a notion cutting against a norm, the norm of working up to greater responsibilities.

Whelan should be seeking a seat on the library board. Working up from there.

Wes Volkenant said...

Eric - I'd have even suggested seeking appointment to the vacant Anoka City Commissions. I served about 12 years on the Anoka Planning Commission when I moved back to Anoka in the late-80s. Put your time in on the Park Board, or something similar. Run for the City Council in 4-6 years, then take a shot at the Legislature in a decade or so. But no, we're all of 26 and we think we know what's best for everyone else - after all, she's sure it's the Millennials turn to have someone of their age making decisions on their behalf. Well, of course IF she is elected, she's going to be totally inconsequential, other than as a vote for her Party's leaders. No Chairmanships. Lowest woman on every Committee... She has no real issue she's campaigned on, so she'll glom onto anything her Party tells her to put her name on, and press the little green or red button exactly like they tell her to. Millennials haven't earned any power or seats at the table yet. Let the Boomers finish up their run, then let the Paul Thissen and Kurt Daudt-type Gen Xers have their 12-14 year run. I'll start looking for Millennials in power positions in about 16-20 years!

Anonymous said...

You may be right about Perovich..But he is a stinking screwed in the head halfwit liberal.