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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Glen Taylor bought Strib, and it is clear who is in the driver's seat, today, per homepage "News" that's less than real news.

This screen capture [red highlighting added]

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If what two Republican politicians are saying is news, and what Democrat politicians say is not equally news, go figure.

If anything McFadden says is in any way, whatsoever, "news," then pigs fly. He is that awful a candidate. Put him on ice until after Franken is reelected, so we can be spared his commentary.

Jeff Johnson pandering to outstate resentments? News? Get real. News would be if he were not doing exactly that.

Strib has an image. A reflective person juxtaposed with a posturing politician, the latter appearing to want to inflame and misdirect, rather than reason. It reminds me of Braveheart, the battle scene portions. McFadden should paint his face with warpaint, Mel Gibson style.

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Anonymous said...

Turning a communist lift wing rag into a respectable paper..What a novel concept.