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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tax-and-spend Republicans, raising Anoka County property taxes.

KSTP, even, reports it. However, taxing and spending is what any government does. It is what governments have done, before Rome, during Rome, after Rome.

It is a bombastic term "tax and spend" and yet it takes Republicans doing it for the idiots in their circle to quit using the term derisively.

And wow, have you heard all that woofing from the whats-his-name WATCHDOG over this tax increase?

The man simply will not silence his din of incessant criticism of Matt Look, Rhonda Sivarajah, Robyn West, and the auto shop guy from Coon Rapids who replaced Dan Erhart and who with his Republican confederates is raising your taxes.

That dog just keeps woofing, and woofing, and woofing; and then doing more woofing; because he's not a partisan hack, he dislikes tax increases whichever party is in control and upping the tithe. It's what you have to love and respect, from the Watchdog. His objectivity.

After all, Mr. Watchdog heads a Taxpayer League, pays the cost to be the boss, and that League ostensibly exists for no purpose whatsoever but to to be ever opposed to tax increases. Of any kind. From any quarter.

Something like that. It, that man's Taxpayer League, most certainly is not a mere dispicable propaganda front organ operation for Republicans.

No more so than the NRA, the Chamber of Commerce. It is OBJECTIVE. Who cannot see that? It is capital "S" Sincerity at work, for you.

What's the paycheck, annual basis, for a seat on the Anoka County Board? How does it compare to a Minnesota House paycheck, where the workload is far greater? What's the pension package? Medical coverage? When looking to curtail tax increases, were such questions asked? Anybody have a guess? I have not kept up with meeting minutes, and the open meeting law of Minnesota would not have cabal practices off record, out of the sunshine. So, compensation for the board, was it a factor even considered for tax savings? Ask the WATCHDOG? Surely Taxpayer League would know.

If I had been invited to the one fundraiser, there'd be board members aplenty I could approach and ask. Perhaps one who was an invitee, attending, might ask and then report the answer via a comment? It would be a civic act of great merit, doing that.

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