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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last night I left it at guess the fundraiser candidate, the fundraisers - and is there surprise after the hint.

Well, sign discountor and discountee, players again in the game (click the image to enlarge and read).

And yes, the discountor was supportive of Darren/Landform, to a fault some might judge.

When, last election, that bloc entry of council candidates having signs together all around town were all voted down, the discountee WAS among them.

Darren/Landform is no longer getting regular cash out of Ramsey taxpayer money. Because of the election result, and different levels of judgment at Ramsey's council table post-election Darren/Landform is in Ramsey's rear view mirror.

Heidi Nelson moved to Wayzata as that town's city administrator, and while I would not do it, any reader who cares can phone her at Wayzata city hall and ask if Darren/Landform has any contract with her town, there.

And, wow, speaking of Darren/Landform - check out the venue for raising combat Marine bucks.

Of all places.

So last thing, what's the tie that binds -- the dots that connect? Buchholz at the fair booth, Sivarajah signs with his; West and Sivarajah already shown in Buchholz disclosure docs as giving the combat Marine veteran campaign cash; Buchholz getting that super sweet in kind discount of sign cost - $275 for what Whelan reported [presumably same relative amount of signs] at $1700 cost-to-her; West sponsoring the let's all us by-invitation-only invitees pony up a wad of cash for the running man; only one in the donor pack as so far identified [the in kind sign discounter] living in Ramsey but the three two of the three wise county board members all noted as participants [actually Sivarajah's name IS absent and that's a bit of a surprise]; and then - for reasons unknown to me - I was not invited. Me, Kris Williams, who else was by non-invitation excluded from mixing with that crowd, whatever it's makeup, there inside of Flaherty's thing by the rails?

Yet hurt feelings for not being invited aside - everything is alright, uptight, out of sight per this cabal of folks of influence - the invitees at Flaherty's place.

Big lingering question in my mind - big one:

Was Darren invited? You'd expect he'd have some cash to donate.

P.S. I was misstating one truth in that prior "doorprize" item. I did know when it was scheduled, the image above discloses that. I just did not want to make the hint too easy. I bent one fact a bit that way; so excuse me.

I bet it fooled a lot of people, saying "when" was in doubt. Hope so. In terms of a candidacy, isn't it great when other people carry the load? Gives you time to choose and buy flags on their dime.

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