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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hostage taking earlier at the Turkish Consulate at Mosul has received little to no mass media coverage. Unlike Carter's exposure to constant news assaults during the Iranian hostage taking.

New York Times reported in mid June.  BBC also.

Other links, here, here and here. If there has been much August-September reporting of the hostage taking situation, it seems hard to find by normal web searching.

There was an August Turkish election, and yet little reported by US media on issues; hence, if the hostage taking was an issue our media did not consider it anything we might wish to know.

Football preseason, it was covered. Ray Rice and beheadings, big headlines and op-eds.

Turkish hostages, mute media? With DC looking about to move militarily in Syria-Iraq, somehow but with ground troop use unpopular, would intervention be more or less unpopular if there were extensive coverage of a hostage situation?

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