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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brodkorb juxtaposes what Jeff Johnson says with what he does. Johnson, not my cup of Tea.

This link.

Jeff Johnson, the Republican endorsed candidate for governor, has been attempting to distance himself from his association with numerous Tea Party groups in Minnesota. Johnson told Minnesota Public Radio last week that “I am not a tea party extremist.”

Johnson's campaign.
Down the rabbit hole.
Down, down, down.
[...] The evidence is overwhelming that Johnson attended Tea Party meetings and solicited the support and endorsement from people attending meetings. It is puzzling that Johnson event [sic] made the initial comments about his involvement with Tea Party groups in Minnesota, creating this controversy. It is very easy to document Johnson’s involvement with Tea Party groups and refute his new comments.

Johnson is clearly attempting a post-primary move to the center of the political spectrum. But this make-over attempt has been bungled and Johnson’s campaign needs to rework this messaging strategy, as the record is clear about Johnson’s attempts to win the support of numerous Tea Party groups in Minnesota.

Check Brodkorb's original post, for links and images.

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