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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The political genius the Republicans want you to vote for, as Attorney General.

Screenshot, from here (click the image to read what you need to know):

Presenting all you need to read, hence the Gaussian blur on other text. He authored that amendment because of how he knew it would play for his Republican Party, at the polls. Bless his success. This is the dude who used a press release to distance himself from Michelle MacDonald and tout her opponent. A step [UPDATE: he may have] taken because of how he knew it would play for his electability at the polls. He would bring that track record and level of judgment to the office of Attorney General, if elected.

Weigh that in voting.

Web stuff reliability/infallibility is a non sequitur. Strib, today, a Wed. Aug 27 editorial about the wisdom of political parties not endorsing judicial candidates; this quote, links in original:

The sideshow has included watching GOP luminaries squirm as they attempt to distance themselves from MacDonald without casting aspersions on the party endorsement process that boosted her candidacy. State Sen. Scott Newman, the party’s candidate for attorney general, didn’t mince words. He announced his support for Lillehaug last week — an ironic choice, since Lillehaug was once an unsuccessful DFL candidate for attorney general.

Nice to have the links, but toggling them and getting "404" error messages, what's up? Lost in the ozone, Brodkorb scrubbing posts, machine glitch, web glitch, whatever it is, at the timestamp: 6:33 AM 8/27/2014, neither link worked and going to Brodkorb's site he has the link: MacDonald loses support from top Republicans

Toggling that Brodkorb homepage link; same 404 unavailable error message. I would have to check my screen captures from his series, to see if I have it. I believe I do. The main post, and the comment thread attached, 404 unavailable. [Aug 28 update, the Brodkorb links are back to operative, please check them, and see what comment-thread activist Don Evanson has to say in comments longer than Brodkorb's post - reader help, who is this guy].

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
While considering Strib online editorials this one, curiously, uses the name, Bill Ingebrigtsen, and the phrase "poor judgment" in a connected context within succeeding paragraphs. How can that be? Well, we know, editorials are statements of opinion, not statements of fact where an untrue representation of fact might be actionable.

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