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Sunday, July 20, 2014

RAMSEY - Again noting there has been recent ABC Newspapers coverage of things in town.

This link has been posted before, but it is a quick way to find and reach town-specific news items from the City's official newspaper's online website:

The ABC homepage allows readers to view news reporting affecting other communities too, but for a focus on reporting about Ramsey, that tagged link provides the focus. And the more recent reports have footer content, relating back to earlier coverage of a related nature. For instance, one recent item relates back to here, with this quote:

Westby said ideally a Ramsey city street should last 60 years, but only if it receives nine crack seals, six seal coats and two overlays, which means the city must be steady with funding even in difficult budget years.

He said the problem with funding road projects through the property tax levy is it fluctuates depending on the council’s priorities.

That reminds me of the numerology in Revelation, except there it was seven seals.

Such on average numbers, out of the blue, and apparently not based on review of actual city streets but likely from some generic study ignores soils differences, traffic differences, and bed conditions from the fairly steady grading and regrading most Ramsey roadbeds received to stabilize them well before the city tarred most Ramsey streets.

It is like saying every adult needs 2.3 years of college, because that is some historical average actually not related to the fact each of us is a unique individual, with varying DNA, needs, beliefs, and opportunities.

"On average" can be misleading terminology. Averaged over what sampling pool, when, by whom, are a few interesting details that merely saying "on average" will gloss over, and it's a folk wisdom the devil is in the details.

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