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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Oh, no. Say it's not so. That same old GOP cliche. Warmed over Kiffmeyer, ya betcha.

Gun bunny, ya betcha. Stooping for photo ops.

you guessed it - from AW's facebook, but - no face

While a bit distanced - correct me if wrong - the target looks a bit like Justin Boals.

Why not debate the guy instead?


And that super nice "like" begs the question, who is Steve Abeler in the Whelan sphere of influence? Influnced or influencer? Whoa, even a Rasputin perhaps?

At least when the Ol' Kiffer did it, it was not anything like overly stale back then.

Oh, well. That advanced degree in whatever, an experienced student, taking aim, straight shooter, all those implications.

YET -- Also, worth noting, the Kiffer had the sense to photo op her frontside.

More of the same:

It wears thin after a while.

Q. Abigale, where are you on the real issues?

A. Look, an NRA hat.

Boals has ideas he is not fearful of sharing. What's Whelan's problem?

All those years in college, so what's your ideas? Can you not spell things out beyond soundbite/photo op? It really, really does wear thin, possibly even for the facebook mavens, although that's doubtful.

The worse thing, what's the future if saying nothing but "NRA" and a few website buzzlines along with facebook fluffing, "Wow, doorknocking is such fun," works this primary?

____________FURTHER UPDATE___________
In tracking down Boals' website link again, to post it above, I noticed friend Tossey being concerned over real issues:

Jason and I do not agree that much, sometimes though, and it appears we are alike in valuing content above cautious emptiness.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
This, from here - stoking generational discord instead of we are all in it together:

Team Whelan recently introduced a new hashtag for our campaign: #MillennialTakeBack.

This is a call to the newest generation of voters – the 18-34 year olds. Specifically, I hope to encourage others in our generation, and every generation, that it is not hopeless. We can make a difference if we engage in the community, educate ourselves, and shed the apathy that seems so rampant.

This does not mean it will be easy. Making a lasting difference takes hard work.
As the great men and women throughout history have shown us, in order to make true reforms, diligence is required. I will work hard for our district, for every generation, to make this state a better place today, and a better place for the generations to follow.

The older folks, we've already got functioning well-tuned bullshit meters, I suppose.

"TAKEBACK" it says. Boldly in capital letters. So, what does the candidate want to take, from whom? Then, "As the great men and women throughout history have shown us, in order to make true reforms, diligence is required." Who lady? Jefferson, Ghengis Kahn? Mother Theresa? Catherine the Great? Frederich the Great? The last two at least had "Great" as part of their persona, their badge, so you must mean them, right?

A. Why, really -- you cannot get to specifics, that might alienate a voter or two, so keep generic platitudes as the staple fare, up to primary election day; it's the Whelan way.

Give me a break.

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