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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I guess I just have not read Marx as carefully as Andy Aplikowski.

The gentleman posted again, finally on July 17, an item you can and are encouraged to read in its entirety, headlined, "Obama’s Latest Marxist Usurpation." In it he, Andy, not Obama, complains of a Treasury department suggestion that tax law be amended to retroactively remove the incentive Medtronic has to not only merge with another firm but to nominally shift headquarters to Ireland to screw the US public out of a fair share of taxes.

I am unaware of any writing by Marx about corporate mergers to evade taxes in one nation by slight of hand ghost relocation to another.

But than Andy has a penchant I suppose for long, detailed - even turgid - readings, witness his love of Atlas Shrugged.

In that sense, I also do not believe Ayn Rand wrote of corporate mergers with any such tax avoidance motives, but I yield to Andy's clearly superior familiarity with the body of writings by Mr. Marx.

It is like I did read Conscience of a Conservative, out of curiosity, it was a snippier read than Capital, but Goldwater did not fully convince me. Andy in turn has carefully studied Marxian writings, and came from it equally unconvinced.

Certainly, please, nobody suggest Andy bandies about the "Marx" label without having read that body of work - and that all he's doing is blowing smoke. Andy would never stoop to that.

If memory serves me correctly, Gen. Goldwater never suggested it proper nor attempted to nominally move the headquarters of his Arizona department store enterprise out of state for tax minimization reasons. I bet if still alive today, Gen. Goldwater would view it as kind of a sleazy move, the Ireland ploy. He had integrity, although his basic theme is we in the nation are overtaxed. His approach to the question was honorable, suggesting lowering of taxing more than individualized overly cute gaming of the system. Ayn Rand suggested capitalists all move to Colorado and quit working, going to a canyon with magical physics-defying devices placed there to conceal their whereabouts, with that step advocated by some guy she wrote of as having invented a prepetual motion machine, prior to going on strike yet keeping an eye on the railroad lady. Neither Goldwater nor Marx, to my knowledge went that wonky, but like Atlas, in my not fully understanding all Andy knows, I shrug.

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