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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Flaherty adventuring in Kansas City reported - and why note that here?

This Bizjournal link.

It is featured as actual proof that, unlike Darren-speak, Flaherty building something can be presented - indeed featured - without use of the word "catalyst."

Check it out. "Catalyst" usage is absent. The English language says thanks.

There is Cronk-speak, friend Ryan Cronk of the Flaherty empire speaking of "an untapped amenity with big potential." But if he said there was a Cronkian will to "catalyze" something at that "untapped amenity" it mercifully was not quoted in reporting.

Well, nothing is perfect. That item had a "Ryan Cronk" link, which led to an earlier item stating:

"The public-private partnership between the Port Authority and Flaherty & Collins is exciting for the redevelopment of Berkley Riverfront Park," Port Authority CEO Michael Collins said in a release. "It was vital that our initial development partner embrace the history of the river and the future of Kansas City. We are excited that this mixed-use development will provide riverfront residential options and serve as momentum for further development."

Yes. P3. That favored cliche of Darren-Heidi speak, rearing its ugly head.

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