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Friday, May 16, 2014

Washington and Colorado are, relatively, progressive states, neither having a Goveror Gutless.

Guv G. photo credit
Strib, here. Recent Bluestem Prairie posts, here. Our guv's been taken captive by "da fuz." The hope is he gets reelected because of the egregiousness of any visible option. However, he did not really beyond a token tax the rich, and he is now showing too pliant a liking for the narcs' union's support, above and beyond.

It is the equivalent of being handed federal-Romneycare instead of simply going to single payer, which a majority of citizens favor, and which, coincidentally, MAKES SENSE. A one-to-one correspondence.

And hey, it's sport, let's leave Dibble hanging, twisting in the wind. Politics. As usual. Unconscionable as usual.

UPDATE: Here. Would somebody tell the old guy it's not just Republicans with cold feet? Cold foot bipartisanship, it is a quaint concept to say the least.

FURTHER UPDATE: There is important, and truly important, with the truly important being fast-tracked. Not truly important to you? You must not be a recipient. Recipients are better judges of truly important; learn that.

FURTHER UPDATE: Reader comment help request - was Ramsey's Hwy 10 and Armstrong interchange within this public-financed construction amalgam?

FURTHER UPDATE: DAYS LATER THAN THIS POST: The guv is not alone. Per capturing by "da fuz." Dean Barkley's SUV has been taken captive by "da fuz" too, and Barkley is suing because he wants it back.

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