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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Litigious Larry, he of attorney-client relationships with Bradlee Dean and Cliven Bundy, expounds.

This link. This single mid-item paragraph (plus):

But it comes as no surprise that the Empire comprised of the likes of President Barack Hussein Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has called the Bundys and their supporters "domestic terrorists" and Reid's lackey, Neil Kornze, who is a former aide to this truly evil senator, now head of BLM, are now illegally using federal power, such as the FBI, to investigate and likely prosecute those citizens who exercised their Second Amendment rights to successfully, for now, defend the Bundys, the nation and themselves from government tyranny. The Russian Putinesque behavior of these corrupt government officials and agencies is exactly what the framers of the Constitution intended the Second Amendment and other amendments, such as the Fourth and First, to be used for. The Second Amendment and its right to bear and use arms, and for We the People to have militias, in the truest sense of the word, were the result of identical behavior, with far less firepower than exists today, by King George III in the years leading up to and during the American Revolution. And, just like Obama, Reid and their goons, King George III struck back mercilessly, using every weapon at his disposal.

As during biblical and American revolutionary times, David is destined to prevail over Goliath, with the help of our Lord and Savior. [...]

Enough to give a flavor.

Consider the sentence: "The Russian Putinesque behavior of these corrupt government officials and agencies is exactly what the framers of the Constitution intended the Second Amendment and other amendments, such as the Fourth and First, to be used for." Apart from ending a sentence with a preposition, something I do not criticize since only those without that sin can cast that stone; it is near-miraculous that Klayman knows the minds of founding fathers, since neither he nor I were there at the time. AND - Aside from that, Klayman overlooks the Whiskey Rebellion, which seems to be more evidence of what the founders intended than Klayman's naked but client-serving speculation.

As to the Whiskey Rebellion and the federal reaction, near-contemporaneous actions do speak louder than 200+ year-later words. One would think.

Next, did you, Larry, see David cast the first stone? No? Well?

And beyond that, Larry, that Savior part of your over-enthusiastic emoting over the David-Goliath biblical times myth, you are getting your timeline hopelessly confused.

Larry's Minnesota client, alleged musician, Bradlee Dean, is noted in a web posting, here, stating in part [links omitted]:

Jesus Christ may have famously said in Matthew 23 that the way to heaven is through serving the "least of these" among us, but on Monday's Sons of Liberty radio broadcast, toxic metal Christian rocker Bradlee and wife Stephanie Dean preached stereotypes about American Indians in order to bash all poor Americans as actually wealthy.

Pointing out that poor Americans own appliances--the "WalMart Effect" of cheap goods, while decent housing and essential services remain out of reach--has long been a standard trope employed by the right to bash poor Americans.

But it's rare for the Christian right to single out the improverished living conditions of Dakota and Lakota people living on reservations in South Dakota, while trotting out stereotypes about alcohol and tobacco, to ridicule all poor Americans.

During a discussion about the consumer goods--like microwave ovens--that poor Americans own--Stephanie and Bradlee single out some of the poorest people of color in the nation in order to mock all poor Americans.

Here's a transcript of the exchange, which took place about 44 minutes into the broadcast, and the audio of the segment:

BD: Nearly two-thirds, 63.7 percent, have cable or satellite television--

SD: You know, I have to--

BD: That's how poor America is--

SD: I have to say this, you know, we've done a lot of high school assembly programs in South Dakota and in South Dakota, you drive and you see, you know, especially among Native American nations, you see lot of these mobile homes and they'll just be the trashiest looking house and they just won't look good at all, but I notice, you see these really really bad-looking houses with the satellite smackdab on the side of the house--


These folks:

image source, here

If you have trouble reading Bradlee Dean's "Mission Statement," it says:

Mission Statement: To reshape America by re-directing the current and future generations both morally and spiritually through education, media, and the Judeo-Christian values found in our U.S. Constitution.


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