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Friday, May 02, 2014

Hunting down apostates?

photo from Fallujah slideshow - SFGate

Residual Forces, here, re "Real Julianne" Ortman.

Watchdog, here, re "MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY" Abeler.

A thought experiment. If you were to bump into Mike McFadden in a crowd, would you recognize him?

Chris Dahlberg?

Why isn't John Galt in the race? He moved around a lot too without people recognizing him.

Another thought experiment - only for those who've read slogged through the entire book. A hypothetical - Would John Galt embrace Gary Borgendale?

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Perhaps a more relevant hypothetical - Would John Galt embrace Ken Cuccinelli?

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
For that matter, in seeking a "conservative" litmus test, would Barry Goldwater embrace either Borgendale or Cuccinelli? Since Barry's dead, and presumably never met either of the other two, it makes a nice hypothetical.

Would Barry embrace McFadden, or would he want somebody willing to articulate who he is?

Also Barry's book was "Conscience of a Conservative." Many hang to the "Conservative" part while giving the "Conscience" part short shrift. Barry had gravitas.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Regarding Ms. Ortman, characterized by Aplikowski as late to having her epiphany on the way to Damascus and too late in taking up the one faith; others ask about her,

"Who's the Tea Party Favorite?"

Given all of that, Al Franken, having a background in slapstick comedy, must appreciate even the early-on MNGOP primary antics. (Which one is McFadden?)

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