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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ramsey - Alpine at Hwy 5 - Sorry folks, but the four way stop works fine for now. Where traffic control, at least a four way stop is needed, is Armstrong and Alpine.

ABC Newspapers reports; this link. Since the Alpine - Nowthen Blvd. 4-way's been in place, that intersection has been quite a bit safer. Putting the flashing lights at the school speed zone on Nowthen Blvd. also was a needed improvement. This latest thing is whipped cream added, while other intersections are in need.

THE TRAIL - that would be a great improvement. It's weird how the trail, west side of Nowthen Blvd. goes past the school, and then ...

People walk. It is good exercise for the elderly, for the young not having automobiles for daily use. Trails are good. Don't shortchange the trails.

If another priority bigger than more dressing at Alpine - Nowthen Blvd needs mentioning, drive north of Town Center along Ramsey Blvd. That road is in totally awful shape, and it's a county road - hello, Matt Look, District 1, all that.

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