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Friday, January 17, 2014

Andy at Residual Forces weeks later finally has come to think like Michael Moore, but only after some conservative wrote something did AAA understand.

Andy, here.

Michael Moore, here.

Read each, see if you agree; Michael Moore clearly says it better.

Moore honestly traces the truth of Heritage Foundation's Romneycare becoming Obamacare, despite everybody with sense knowing Medicare for All was the only sane answer. And still is.

The insurance industry, Big Pharma, and the HMO industrial complex - with help from Max Baucus - torpedoed any chance for the good package, and we got what was given us, warts and all. Dayton called Washington DC a cesspool. The politicians did their best to prove the term appropriate - Max in particular as the cess with zest, in the pool.

Speaking of cess in the pool, in naming names Michael Moore names up front - second paragraph, Stephen Hemsley, giving this link.

If Republicans had been sincere in wanting something better than the mess implemented, they could have worked for it and we'd have something better. They simply took a hike, bitching loudly, and to get anything at all then, Max and his lobbyist cadre had their way. Not how it should be, but how it was.

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