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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Huey P. "Kingfish" Long

Long was from a generation before mine, but his policies and memory live on in Louisiana, if not nationwide. Things such as "share our wealth" should not be forgotten.

That, however, is an aside to the main point of this post; the sheriffs having "kingfish" at their beck and call. With it unclear whether any warrant or judicial process of any kind is a prerequisite to its being used against us.

Who do you suppose might reap the kingfish related ire of some folks?

Hint, look here and here.

And readers will have to check the links to learn more than the name "kingfish" since not going into detail provides an incentive to read what others say. What they question, suggest, and conclude.


It appears that KARE11 broke the story.

Why in the world did they call that thing "kingfish?"

Were they unaware of Huey P. Long?


Reporting - IBM gets sued, class action, by a pension fund, over willing participation in PRISM while allegedly withholding material information of market consequences attaching to that corporate policy choice. Will it grow legs, or wither and die a pretrial dismissal death?

Rule 10b-5; here and here. Federal securities fraud cases since 2009, here; especially including this appellate review of a dismissal.

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