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Saturday, December 14, 2013

ABC Newspapers reports on Mike Gamache's running for a County Board seat. District 5.

Online, this link, a report lacking a byline notes in closing:

Gamache is excited by the challenge and his chances, but knows it will be a tough campaign, he said.

“I am looking forward to talking to my many Andover friends, but also meeting more supporters in both Coon Rapids and Fridley,” Gamache said.

“I have campaigned in Coon Rapids for commissioners Carol LeDoux and Scott LeDoux in 2004 and in 2008 and the issues don’t change much when you cross the city borders. Voters want you to talk about the issues and address the problems and I can guarantee that my campaign will be about getting things done and not politics as usual.”

Getting things done, not politics as usual. What will the Taxpayer League's Watchdog publish about that?

His politics? As usual?

For now, Dog's got garbage on his mind:


Readers, we have to say that the Fridley city council's ongoing takeover of a free market trash hauling is some of the worst strong arm, cram down style of government we've seen in a long, long time.

From both a policy and process perspective, the city council has manifested an arrogant, we-know-what's-best style of government that would make the White House proud.

In terms of arrogant government and its attitude towards the citizens it represents, this is Fridley's Obamacare.

Let's be clear about what this is. It's government-run and government-managed trash collection.

Called by the euphemism "organized collection," it is a process whereby the city takes over collection and turns it over to either a single monopoly hauler or a cartel of a few haulers who divide up the city.

In all cases, what it means to you is that government picks your hauler for you and you have nothing to say about it. Government decides what you will pay for trash service and there's nothing you can do about it. Government gives you no recourse if you don't like the hauler they pick for you. You get what you get.

And because the chosen hauler(s) have a contract with the city and not you, the favored hauler(s) have no incentive to serve you and your needs. They aim only to please the bureaucrats down at city hall.

Does this all sound to you like anti-competitive, anti-trust style behavior?

That's because it is.

But the law gives government the authority to authorize this harmful behavior in the name of whatever it is the city thinks is a higher priority than consumer protection, the free market being the ultimate protector of the consumer.

What's that Gamache noted, about conscious avoidance of "politics as usual?" Related to, what, overuse of cliche as if repetition will make it true? Repeat it, regardless of truth?

Gipperspeak, vs analysis?

Old stale woofing?

So be it. Grover Norquist's star is on the wane, but, doggone it, it's such an easy tune and habit is habit  ...

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