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Sunday, September 08, 2013

While it's lawyers and guns, Klayman is suing for the money.

Klayman's NSA spying related lawsuits for damages have been noted in Crabgrass before, e.g., here and here.

Larry's chasing the money end of things, it being akin to his basic nature, but as ex-guv Jesse will tell you, Zevon sang of Lawyers, Guns and Money.

This post's headline does say "lawyers and guns," so what is afoot? The ACLU sued for relief other than damages [other than, judge/jury award me money with more better than less], and now this:

NRA joins ACLU in suit against NSA's surveillance program

Looking to protect gun owners' privacy, the NRA files a brief supporting the ACLU's lawsuit aimed at halting the NSA's spying program.
by Dara Kerr - September 4, 2013 10:46 PM PDT

The two have bonded in their fight against the National Security Agency's mass spying program that came to light in June. The NRA joined the ACLU's lawsuit against the government agency on Wednesday by filing a "friend of the court" legal brief.

"The mass surveillance program threatens the First Amendment rights of the NRA and its members," the NRA writes in the brief (PDF). "The mass surveillance program could allow identification of NRA members, supporters, potential members, and other persons with whom the NRA communicates, potentially chilling their willingness to communicate with the NRA."

The ACLU filed its lawsuit, ACLU vs. Clapper, in federal court in New York. The suit aims to get a preliminary injunction issued against the NSA that will stop its phone-surveillance program and also force the agency to expunge all of its phone call records.

Besides the NRA, other groups have also signed onto the lawsuit, including the Reporters Committee for Freedom and several news organizations. The ACLU welcomes the array of support.

"The range of voices joining the protest against mass government surveillance -- not to mention the bipartisan storm that has swept Congress since the recent NSA disclosures -- is a real testament to the fact that the government's dragnet surveillance practices are offensive to Americans from across the political spectrum," ACLU communications strategist Noa Yachot wrote in a statement on Wednesday.

[... read the rest, again, this link]

[lawsuit and statement links above are from the original]

Put that on your iPhone, and smoke it. NSA probably does not even need the Wayback Machine. They just need more, more, more data mining capability, to keep up with the infinite data they take, subject to having the finite (but large) number of folks they pay [Booz, Allen still, but with Snowden off the payroll now].

Larry's patriotism must compel him to form the third leg of the Zevon lyrics, in seeking to discipline the NSA. With the gun bunnies aboard, how can the runaway train of quelling NSA mischief fail?

Handguns for privacy? Sure. After all, it is conceal and carry they love.

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