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Monday, September 16, 2013

Sometimes an idea that seems good in the abstract can be put to the test of usage. Sometimes it's the Liousville Slugger. Sometimes the Ball.

For a local "good idea" described on the "about" page, here -

Local, as in our beloved metro area.

So, keyspace. The invented buzzword. Defining a site, it's Gestalt, by its keyspace. Wow. What a neat idea.

So, the test of usage, a site I often access, MN Progressive Project -- find where is it objectively "niched" via its "keyspace" -

OUCH. A problem with taking one randomized screenshot, and keeping it into staleness when we all know the web is a fluid thing. But come on. Tim Pawlenty is yesterday's fish, (and always had that aura about him).

At a guess the MPP folks likely would feel misjudged. Cabined, cribbed, confined ... all that.

YET - One trial does not define Slugger/Ball status, and for local folks, cut some slack.


Harold might feel a bit deflated. Gotta bark a bit louder, I guess. If you wanna be noticed. By local folks, touting a service/product. Tested with a couple of slow-pitch softballs.

Need we wait for strike three?

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