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Friday, September 20, 2013

Howard Beale writes for Residual Forces.

This link. Then, here. You do not introduce change against the things that trouble you via Scott Honour, Mike McFadden, or Tom Emmer. You perpetuate things if making those choices. And saying Obama is little different from Bush is true, but I have no answer on how to kick the political machine away from an interlocked two-party machine running as its elite wants, because that elite owns both parties. The closest reach to CHANGE appears to be within the Ron/Rand camp, yet those folks have no real sense of social responsibility. Werner Herzog made a film titled in German, in a way that makes me think of how I perceive the basic social policy of the Ron Paul faction. It is too bad that it seems so. I have not yet encountered any Ron Paul advocate who can or wants to dispel that notion. They seem enamored with "markets work" despite evidence of markets being oscillating things with oscillations worse, more disruptive, when left to themselves or to the use of "austerity" in response to down markets. "Austerity" as the fix to a tanked economy, to make it "recover." Economics is far from being a science, because science does not load the dice.

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