consultants are sandburs

Sunday, September 29, 2013

An interesting juxtaposition. Of course it might just be an artifact of how I have my open web browser configured, so check it out from your workstation, tablet or smart phone.

Formatted to resemble a mugshot composite? A pompous filibusterer [there is such a noun, really], and a job creator [ask Jesse, not Gus]. Done twice, suggesting publisher intent and not serindipity:

From here ...

... and here.

And I and others foolishly wondered, how do you get a follow-up act with Bachmann retiring. We needn't get one, one dutifully arrives for us, in time and as if prompted by some theatrical cue. Scripted by higher beings than you or me. By Republicans. But not without some hedging by clearly lesser beings. Equivocators.

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