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Sunday, June 02, 2013

“What was so impressive to anyone who was observing was the precision they brought to this fuzzy question of ‘How do you get low-income people to vote?’” says David Coleman, the College Board’s president. “We see in our work a similar need for precision and analysis so that low-income students are propelled into the opportunities they have earned.” Civis is also working with several companies and nonprofits—it declined to name them—to help enroll the millions of people newly eligible for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

The Headline is from Bloomberg, mid-article, here.

People with talent, vs. the Republicans -with vulture, with voucher.

With each other.

With 47% of us written off, on video, because of a Mitt Romney letting down of hair in a comfy monied-peer-infested mansion locale. Nonetheless, knowing Mitt wanted to hear, "Don't worry, be happy;" the GOP ramp-up analytics strangely enough turned up on vulture minions' desks saying, chapter and verse of the tell-me-again I want it, "Don't worry, be happy."

Bless that level of GOP data analysis talent. As against Obama's people. By far, neither had a perfect candidate, not one without warts, and with whom you'd want to share a dinner.

But the Republicans had --

the Republicans.

For a break from politics to nature, an image of an ORCA.

May it  - the presently employed GOP data analytics apparatus - prosper, bloom, and like an invasive species, take over the big tent's garden. As something to bless, feed, tend to, and push to proliferation - saying what's wanted to be heard vs truth, justice, and the American skilled data analytics way.

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