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Sunday, May 05, 2013

The guy who got whomped by Lori Swanson wants a shot at getting whomped by Dayton seeking a second term. A hound for punishment? Ego rules?

Him again?
Strib reports. In a roll of the dice in a gender biased race, so far a gender biased GOP primary if there is one, a gender biased general election, vs running against AG Swanson and getting a gender balanced but king-sized whomping last time.

Perhaps Michele Bachmann will decide CD6 was too much work for her to handle, and seek the state house expecting a less onerous job while balancing the gender picture and adding in a little crazy, for good measure, and to delight her cash cow fan base.

Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson. He puts up his name. He expects what?

See what he looks like, here (Google search first page returns listed this, but no "for guv" site yet).

A dog blog, but at least he is not trying to call it "a newspaper of general circulation and printed in Hennepin County" with intent of trying to huckster up legal notice table scraps (make it bark up business, since he's from the Watchdog litter (where Harold Hamilton remains senior-top-dog)). Give Johnson's blogging credit for not chasing legal notices, nor chasing his watchdog tax-tail too much.

Taxing the imagination. Lost dog. Wandering toward the Governor's residence, intent and, what else but watchful. Watch the other wannabes drop into the scene. Big contest, GOP land, while Dayton can expect no credible primary challenger. Zygi certainly has no cause to file formally for Minnesota's executive leadership (of the de jure ballot type and not with regard to de facto status shown by recent events). Besides, Zygi lives on New York's Park Avenue now, far from Minnesota. Also, Zygi and probably dislikes cold and Fahrenheit readings beginning with a minus sign. A.k.a as, "Nice Wilfare state, but I wouldn't want to live there."

Last, we will not need Bachmann for gender balance if anyone can convince Marrianne Stebbins to throw a hat in the ring (but she would lack having a watchdog in the hunt).

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