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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RAMSEY - Flaherty is ready for tenants. But are tenants ready, in droves, for Flaherty?

Sakry of ABC Newspapers writes:

The 230-unit luxury apartment and townhome complex, located at 7700 Sunwood Drive N.W., opened its leasing office May 15 and Property Manger Jessica Fimon is taking applications.

Construction is 15 percent done with 52 units of the 230 units finished, said Michael Collins, Flaherty and Collins regional property manager.

The Residence office has received a lot of calls, said Fimon.

The majority of the interest has been in the studio and one-bedroom apartments with the two-bedrooms apartments and the three-bedroom townhomes coming second, she said.

[...] Although the apartments are ready for tenants, the common spaces are still under construction.

[...] Opening this summer will be the resident lounge, club room and fitness center.

The club room will feature a commercial grade coffee machine, a large fireplace with high top tables, Collins said.

Free wifi will be offered in all the common areas.

[...] Apartment and townhome residents will also be responsible for all utilities, including usage-based water and sewer.

“People must meet certain qualifications to live here,” Collins said.

In addition to the credit check, prospective residents must also make a gross salary that is three times higher than the monthly rent and have no evictions on their credit report, he said.

Sakry writes much more, including basic pricing information. She did not provide any Flaherty-Collins web link. To read the entire item, again, this link.

Any reader strongly inclined to move there is invited to leave a comment about the key attractions leading to such a decision. Ditto, re comments from any reader wholly indisposed to consider moving there, with reasoning for such an opinion given, please.

I expect cost-benefit of the upscale mystique, vs. price, would be key factors. And how much square footage in the actual dwelling unit area do you get, at what rental rates. Back, always, to cost and benefit.

Woo, woo. Free wifi. But what's free, if you pay for a package, and get a package?

Non-individually billed wifi is what's to be there, whereas individual unit metering for electricity is likely, and Sakry reports usage based sewer/water charges shall apply. Any reader actually examining a lease with time to post briefly about terms, conditions, unique or generic requirements, etc., is asked to please leave a comment.

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