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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GROUNDHOG DAY in Ramsey Minnesota.

Original online photo - Shoreview MN - here

While there is no alarm clock radio playing Sonny and Cher, brewing morning coffee and looking out the backyard window, fresh April snowfall, deer tracks around the bird feeder stations and foraging in the yard, there is this day repeating itself too frequently mid-April. Enough already.

Putting out the backyard rain gauge is what did it. The rain gauge saw its shadow.

Bird migration season overlapping continued snow falls means the flocks will be thinned this year by winter but that keeping the feeders freshened means more now than usual in terms of helping the over-wintering birds and those moving north to summer habitat.

photo credit, this link - click to enlarge and enjoy
On top of the Groundhog Day dimension of continually waking into the same fresh snow day, the one cable channel last night as a late evening feature film ran Fargo. Not the best of weather to be trying to run a wood chipper, but that's apart from my deja vu regard for the snow into July prognosis.

All those people with their riding lawnmowers, waiting, watching ...

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