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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Flaherty frolics - Ramsey's deal how does it stack up to Kansas City largesse?

As earlier noted, Cronk was involved in the Kansas City shake-out-all-the-turkeys-will-give situation; per this Kansas City Star link. There is more online, quite parallel here, but with this striking paragraph:

The mayor said a Chapter 100 incentive, with a 25-year property tax abatement on the project, is being provided to the developer. The city will issue bonds to finance the development, which will be repaid by the developer. The developer will also invest around $3 million in infrastructure works for the apartment project, including streets and sewers improvement. Construction is scheduled to start in the summer, and the first apartments are expected to be finalized and ready for occupancy in 2014.

So Ramsey is not the only town bending over forward to see Flaherty satisfied. Yet in Kansas City he has to pay three million dollars in infrastructure costs. Flaherty got free SAC and WAC from Ramsey's past council acting in concert with Lazan/Cronk, in seeing that a deal favorable to Flaherty was instituted.

Aside from that, the big-ugly is getting its final tarting up, so let us hope for the best, that being the city's millions of dollars getting paid back. And long-term retention of upscale pretension. Better that than the other alternatives, ya betcha.

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