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Friday, April 05, 2013

Andy at Residual Forces continues his argument against Corey Sax and the Sax effort to gain a GOP inner party role.

Residual Forces, this link, see the most recent riffs on the basic theme.

From the outside, looking in, not in either the GOP inner party camp, nor the GOP outer party, it is hard to tell whether this represents polar ends in a Republican civil war, or farting back and forth within the big tent.

Take it as one or the other, but have a look, again here, before forming an opinion.

Comments are welcome.

Andy's two most recent posts each have a comment thread. I do not think it an unfair assessment to say less a disagreement exists over fiscal policy and laissez-faire economics, Hayek and the Austrian School, than over the military's size and usage pattern, empire vs. non-intervention, and the possibilities of government infringement against basic rights under guise of Patriot Act necessity and homeland threat per a war on terror that poses constraint against non-terroristic citizen conduct and thought - but with agreement throughout the GOP on the NRA and gun ownership.

I expect some feelings are akin to my regard for the Elwyn Tinklenberg candidacy against Michele Bachmann - he may have been their candidate, the inner-party DFL hand-picked and annointed - but he was never my candidate. They imposed that on me and I hardly liked it. Not one bit. Aubrey Immelman was a write-in candidate that cycle, an alternative along with Bob Anderson having a substantial but minority IP support level. Some of that same feeling going on in parts of the GOP over Romney is my guess, never mind Ryan as second fiddle. Moreover, if memory serves, Andy was not more than luke warm in his enthusiasm over Kurt Bills' thrown-under-the-bus candidacy, which some in the GOP took seriously. Andy also has a case of Stebbins hate he needs to deal with, something he has openly expressed, where GOP opinions differ.

____________FURTHER UPDATE___________
I do not use Facebook and even block it so that my favored browser is off limits to it and its minions. However, to research this GOP inner party dispute, using Google Chrome to access it, there is this, positive about the Corey Sax candidacy for GOP inner party deputy chair:

The man is not without support and endorsements.

Moreover, a person I know from his service on Ramsey's council, and from discussions with him related to that context but beyond the isolated town to larger questions, Jason Tossey has endorsed Corey Sax, something that carries weight with me in that I have not seen Tossey act or speak other than carefully and very rationally (i.e., not talking precipitously nor in any way like a loose cannon). See: April 4, entry, this site:

at this link.

I find it interesting how much of Andy's criticism avoids the words "Ron" and "Paul."

All for now, and I believe there will be an inner party GOP vote this weekend; although I may be totally wrong about that, hence, Republicans, seek out involved other Republicans, and find out timing detail that way.

We wait and see where this candidacy goes and what that may imply.

____________FINAL UPDATE______________
And they call me judgmental -- MPP at its recent post, here, gets more judgmental than I have been, while confirming that indeed, this weekend the inner party meets, greets, and decides in a way that surely will leave somebody really super honked off. In the last few days one TV cable channel re-ran Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome; "Two men enter, one man leaves," and all. May our Republican friends have a good time, without taking themselves or their meanderings too seriously.

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