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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reader help needed. I am at a loss to see why Andy at Residual Forces is so vexed and visceral about Corey Sax, as it seems each has a goal of rebuilding the Republican Party from a debt-laden Minnesota ash heap, to earlier glory days of wine and roses, of Senator Coleman, Governor Pawlenty, President W - or do I misuncerstand? What's the visionary thing making the tent not big enough?

Andy, here. He headlines, "Why Is Corey Sax Is Running For Deputy Chair of the MNGOP? – Update – Update2" but never directly answers his own question. There is an underlying tenor of thought or suggestion to Andy's post that Corey Sax is evil or intends a direction of change for the MNGOP, one which to Andy might be the same thing as evil, i.e., a vision he fails to share.

Perhaps it only boils down to how the initials RP can stand for something timely and in the news, besides "Republican Party."

Sax seems from recent online writings to be obsessive-compulsive with a rebuild of the Republican Party in Minnesota for success, which appears a goal Andy shares in general, if not in direction, with Andy even worrying about detail down to the data in the database.

These people are hard for me to understand. Could a reader help with on-point trenchant commentary? Andy writes of "grassroots" ("The Grassroots Case for Phoenix – Update – Update2") while grass roots are underground, in the dark while it's the green leaves of grass, the blades above ground, that enjoy fresh air and light. As a Crabgrass analyst, I can unequivocally make that claim. So, Wha's Happening? (Below is an image of a big tent.)

Not necessarily anyone's revival-show tent. But who says the Big Tent needs to be that? After all, if they cannot agree among themselves on picking their tent, others can pick one for them.

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