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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My understanding is that the SD35 Republicans held an "emergency meeting" last night. Last night or the night before. I am unsure. I searched their website, found no agenda, hence I am left guessing. Only a guess.

No emergency mentioned.
This outstanding bunch of outstanding citizens appear to have perceived some kind or manner of "emergency." What might it be?

My reaction to attempt understanding Republicans, is: seek the wisdom of the Watchdog.

Doing that, I found this. Dateline Feb. 22. Presaging what possible emergency, I wondered.

Could the emergency be a few teamsters saying things against the Watchdog's mentored pup, per the first segment of three?

Could it be the Watchdog at his well attended Northstar Rail tree, per item three? The item that uses the tree, but somehow sees no kith or kin connection between the mentored pup, and that tree?

Might the emergency be then about item 2, of the watchings? Where the Watchdog straddles this fence:

Wisdom of the Watchdog is that no unique flavor of chewing gum is tasted by the Watchdog teeth:

Remember last year when he took on the Teachers' Union and chief authored a bill to cut back teacher tenure and allow districts to make layoff decisions based on merit and not seniority?

Pretty bold stuff for a freshman from a swing district.

And how about that 2012 Taxpayer's League score? Perfect 100%. Lifetime score of 85.

He also sports an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association.

He is Pro Life and votes that way.

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has scored Petersen at 100% regarding his votes that affect small businesses in Minnesota.

Bashing unions and greasing the skids for the Federation of Independent Business. Choice hating gun nut. Tons of reasons to vote the rascal out, but where's any emergency in that litany? Same old, same old, it seems. A same old that I suspect generations of Watchdogs have cherished protecting. If not protecting, barking about, fiercely.

And: Swing district? Did he bark "swing district?"

What kind of Watchdog poop is that?

____________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Keeping up the dog metaphor, perhaps the entire Branden Petersen Tempest in a Teapot centers upon a breach of this eHow wisdom.

____________FURTHER UPDATE___________
This entire Teapot tempest of a Republican defying the God, Gays and Guns credo could have been easily averted, if only enough of the voting public had shown the good sense to vote last November for DFL candidate Peter Perovich. Put Perovich in the seat, and the SD35 Republicans would be free of any need, real or perceived, to hold emergency meetings over whether their Tea's been spoiled. Beautiful symmetry might have been preserved, but for a caprice of the electorate.

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