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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Okay, that's fine, head-bumping between Asians and Europeans, but what does it have to do with Minnesota?, here, for the story. You can do web search for more detail.

Head-bumping, not rolling over on either side, apparently.

The point is the firm is big, and big on taconite mining on the Range.

So, when State of Minnesota deals with this firm, is there equality of bargaining power, and are we willing to do head-bumping if it is what is needed, or will it be a Republican led pro-business rollover?

If any reader knows whether the firm is cordial in Minnesota dealings, or problematic, please post a comment with any known helpful links.

UPDATE: A March 2012 DNR pdf online item, here, giving background context on the players on the Range; with AcelorMittal noted as big, even if not a metro-area household name.

With sulfide mining and its ecological threats being the current big story, taconite pellets remain the big "cash crop."

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