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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Even if the lengthy argument at Andy's "Residual Forces" were true, what about taxing the rich fairly, for a change, as a basic moral imperative?

Andy, at this link.

UPDATE: After having a look at Andy's post, consider the recent posting by Digby.

She seems truly worried that Obama and company will sell us all out, with glib propagandistic packaging to explain why it had to be done for the good of the nation.

That is not an unfounded worry.


Something Andy has not thought enough about, here; hat tip to Janet O'Connell and her most recent e-mailing.

There could be minor but not wholly insignificant taxes on holdings held less than a minute; a lesser tax on those held less than ten minutes; with no excise if held for two days; then if there were some tax on offers made and within milliseconds withdrawn, a ploy used to manipulate order books, that might help. Beyond that, read Spitzer's argument.

If the Republicans truly believe their business is the driving engine of job creation mantra, would they not favor Main Street's businesses, over Wall Street's manipulative habits? And then tax accordingly, as a disincentive to Wall Street's mischief.

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