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Friday, November 02, 2012

Yes, elsewhere.

Sakry reports, of all things, more Ramsey spending on the dumb Sunwood snaking (update: curved rerouting, to disambiguate the verb).

I use Coborns, and if the new route had only been a north running deadended-at-Sunwood thing intersecting Sunwood's west end somewhere around the Coborns complex, and the existing Sunwood stubbed dead end at the major westernmost Coborns entrance once Armstrong is rebuilt, Coborns access would not have been so senselessly screwed up. Mega-screwed up.

But this is Ramsey under present council leadership so spend more on a dumber routing.

Mr. Special, the I bring (maybe) Super America and a burger joint, wants more green.

Big surprise.

The guy who got a million and a quarter with the meter still running has brought a neo-Stalinesque hulking apartment complete with multimillion dollar public money subsidies, and then there's one Mexican food restaurant, and now Super America rumored, McDonalds, rumored.

It can be the equivalent of Hwy. 116 at Hwy. 47, with the burger joint semi-adjacent to the Mexican food outlet, the Super America across the street. Difference? El Azteca has better food and more class than Acapulco, and is not disturbingly loud.

A mil and a quarter, for ultra-schlock? Wow.

But, Mr. Special wants more.

Here's a quote from Sakry's report:

Whose responsibility is it to manage the Landform contract and see that it does not go over the approved amount, said Councilmember Sarah Strommen.

“I don’t want this to come back again. Are there ways Landform can use (its) time more efficiently,” she said.

Which brings us back to the headline.

Laudable and efficient use of time and tax money

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