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Friday, November 09, 2012

Sidebar cleanup.

With a DFL majority in both state houses and Dayton as Governor, I promoted the Minnesota Health Plan to top position. I removed a lot about pre-election considerations, including high billing on the sidebar for the McGlone-Flaherty employment situation. That should, hopefully, result in a review of the Charter with an eye to tightening up conflict of interest dimensions. Otherwise, that employment is relevant for only a month and a half, now, and I doubt too much irreversible mischief will arise from the lame ducks before year's end. Feathers clipped and all.

After New Year's Day, my hope is that the McGlone-Flaherty employment will be a lasting thing. For the pair, Cronk and Flaherty, to dump the folks now or simply after close of construction would be actions of an ingrate; where I expect neither Flaherty nor Cronk would be going there, publicly. May the employment run in perpetuity with Flaherty continually cutting paychecks and providing health care and other benefits.

Indeed, Flaherty/Cronk might even hire others in Ramsey needing work. I would commend that, and would be interested in who he might favor that way, as well as who may be moving into Flaherty/Cronk townhome rentals - at discounted or at full rental per the other Flaherty project townhomes. Just to know who is doing what in the future, when main attentions may be elsewhere.

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