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Friday, November 09, 2012

RAMSEY: Quick, quick. Get two new riders and bring per capita cost down.

This link, a Strib report by Paul Levy, with a comment thread.

It speaks for itself.

There is one error in the Levy report, this paragraph:

Most of the new riders in Ramsey are expected to come from the Ramsey Star Express, the bus line the city will discontinue. That will save the city more than $500,000 it has poured annually into the bus line, which Metro Transit also supplemented.

Earlier Crabgrass reported, here, that Sakry had reported Ramsey, as part of the station bonanza, commits to forking over an annual estimated $300,000 to some Northstar-metro-rail-authority-whatever pot; the station award from Met Council being "subject to the city entering into a transit taxing district." With half a million off the books for the bus service but three hundred thousand added, it nets to a difference of $200,000 - on an annual basis. (That Crabgrass post had noted the mayor at the time suggested that the annual tithe would be an anticipated $300,000.)

Now, $200,000, in terms of ridership is:

($200,000 with ridership at $130,000 per capita)= 1.54 riders.

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