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Friday, September 28, 2012

RAMSEY: Some may not already know that Ramsey's IT head, Dean Busch, has joined the ranks of those who have resigned; yet with an election soon involving absentee voting and election day voting at city hall that requires IT connections to county election offices, replacement arrangements are being formalized.

I cannot say what Dean's move entails, but it is official, while an intern is being suggested by staff for the position; with, of course, a pay grade lower than Dean's.

This link. (A WebDocs LaserFiche link, so hopefully it works for readers, otherwise from the city homepage navigate to agendas/minutes, and check the personnel committee agenda).

Jason Fredrickson.

I have heard he is a fine young man, and wish him a successful tenure. I understand he has experience working with Dean Busch, so that he is stepping into a familiar duty roster. Wishing both Dean and Jason success and satisfaction.

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